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Age : 27

I could not afford

Years ago I had a boyfriend, and a child living with him from his first marriage. The boy was going to his mother on the […]

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Age : 28

Let them enjoy

Let your children climb the stairs slowly, draw their pictures slowly, do their homework slowly, put on their clothes slowly, eat their food slowly. Do […]

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Age : 28

To be devastated every day

I valued very much while getting married. the man you think is like a mountain. getting smaller and not having a bit of value … […]

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Age : 28

how ignorant I am

I would like to erase everyone I used to be with. How ignorant I am despite having read it. Let’s not leave our girls alone. […]

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Age : 28

Everything is empty

I have a husband who showed his best sides before getting married and turned into an ox after marriage. Before I got married, what I […]

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Age : 28

finally i scream

I have a 2 year old daughter. I’m staring alone. No help, no help. An intriguing child. He doesn’t play with his toys on his […]

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Age : 28

Bottom of depression

My daughter, who is about to turn 2 years old, is such a difficult child that she made life a prison. I don’t work because […]

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Age : 28

I am not abroad

I am starting today in this country where we migrated about two years ago and I am very scared. It scares me even more that […]

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Age : 28

Conversations with mother-in-law

Since I work, my mother-in-law takes care of the children and stays with me. But it interferes with everything. I don’t listen, but he comments […]

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Age : 39

Some longings

I wish I could live for a while without earning money. If I took a long leave from work and stayed at home with my […]

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Age : 39

trusted human

The capital of life is trust. Life cannot continue where there is no trust, it is not possible. For a meaningful, enthusiastic and strong life, […]

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Age : 39

one million four hundred thousand dollars

An old woman has been swindled for one million four hundred thousand dollars. I am more surprised at where they got so much money than […]

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