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Age : 28

I didn’t know

Blog post for new confessions please, no job, we have a state of playing games with children at home

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Age : 28

Am I a bad mother?

I stayed with my mothers for two days, I was very fond of my 2.5-year-old son, he never refuses, if he does not want to […]

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Age : 28

sweet husband

While I was reading a book a moment ago, he came to me to collect and fold all the laundry and said, let’s fold it […]

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Age : 28

Unhappy Marriage, Unhappy Mother

My daughter was 4 years old and I left my daughter’s father when she was 1.5 years old. They told me the same things they […]

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Age : 28

A father’s writings

Greetings, I guess there is no requirement that only mothers can write here. 🙂 I read the letter and some of the comments. We are […]

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Age : 28

It’s the same, that’s what actually happened

Hello, I read all of the articles I laughed from time to time, I cried from time to time, I said aaaa the same from […]

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Age : 28

It was oppressive and excessive complain

my husband was constantly complaining about my stuff and overly oppressive. It only gave me 2 ways to do things that I don’t like (these […]

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Age : 28

I have no children

I have no children but similar things people experience somehow. Honestly, it can be easy for everyone except you, because no one is in your […]

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Age : 28

my husband’s feelings

Unfortunately, we men can have big problems in marriage. We can also be the side that takes the bottom against our spouse. After a 6-year […]

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Age : 28

We got married in debt

We are married for 9 months. We got married fondly. And would you believe that we could not live the months called honey moon. No […]

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Age : 28

women facing difficult situations

What many of us have experienced and what I have experienced are similar … we are in a very peaceful relationship … but I wonder, […]

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Age : 39


I still think we are one step ahead of our mothers. I got over a new illness too. Pneumonia disease. My illness, the feeling of […]

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