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Age : 28

National Troubled Women Summit

I am sure there will be a fight if the troubled mothers here gather together :))) Are you stuck with it? “,” My problem is […]

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Age : 39

broken heart

I received the most memorable gift of my life on February 14th and learned that I had been deceived. Moreover, 1 hour ago, I wore […]

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Age : 28

Always in others

Those husbands who are thankful for their existence, who are breathe, who can not be satiated with looking and loving, laughs are the reason for […]

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Age : 28

I’m running out

Is it anxious when a sex scene occurs while watching a movie with her husband? I am being me because I am tired of her […]

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Age : 28

relationship freak

My husband is a social schizoid. I am borderline too. The more I want to have sex, the more he wants to escape from it. […]

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Age : 39

Lonely mother

Years later, I fell in love with a man. I felt so beautiful. He was trembling on me. But because his family is my child […]

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Confessions of Women is a platform where women can anonymously share their personal experiences and feelings that they feel ashamed or guilty about disclosing. The nickname is only a technical requirement, and the person does not need to provide his real name or e-mail address. There may be a delay in the publication of confessions as all confessions are subject to approval; Content that does not conform to the "confession" format may not be published. It is not possible to respond to confessions; However, you can "like" your confessions by clicking the heart button, or share them on social media if you wish.

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