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Age : 32

It is really painful

I spoke with my son’s nursery teacher today. I will not be a father when my son grows up. He said that I will protect […]

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Age : 32

Zero qualification

We came home from outside. I took off my clothes, took off the top of the child, changed the diaper, I fed him, put him […]

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Age : 39

All alone in this world

Is there anything as painful as being alone in this world? There is not a single person around me that I can worry about, with […]

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Age : 28

I loathe myself

While I can’t stand walking, talking, drinking tea, eating, the obligation to live in the same house has ended me. Moreover, while I don’t even […]

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Age : 28

George Orwell – The worst crime in the world

George Orwell, “The worst crime in the world; It is to kill people’s joy and hope for life. ” said. This phrase describes exactly my […]

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Age : 28

Nobody is complete

Luckily, the man I love with his character, he plays with our son, makes him eat without getting bored, he takes care of everything. He […]

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Age : 35

your face that you’re disrespectful

Why do people with whom I show a smiling face find the right to be disrespectful? I’m going crazy. I am a pleasant person, I […]

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Age : 41

How bad it is to be deceived

The most painful thing about being deceived is to learn that while you love her, when you trust her, that she doesn’t love you, doesn’t […]

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Age : 32

Sensitive women

I waited in the morning, I was patient, but when I told my child, who is still in her pajamas, to get ready, she said, […]

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Age : 28

our neighbor’s voices

Our next-door neighbor is making love very loudly. We are waiting for it to end, it never ends. the other day I could not stand, […]

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Age : 28

I am tired with all

I am tired with all my heart from the sullen face, lovelessness, indifference, treating me like a housemaid to me almost every day 🤮 I […]

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Age : 28

I am a dentist

I am a dentist. I am preparing for the specialty exam. I want to be a maxillofacial surgeon. My career is paramount bla bla. This […]

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