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Age : 32

It is really painful

I spoke with my son’s nursery teacher today. I will not be a father when my son grows up. He said that I will protect […]

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Age : 32

Zero qualification

We came home from outside. I took off my clothes, took off the top of the child, changed the diaper, I fed him, put him […]

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Age : 39

All alone in this world

Is there anything as painful as being alone in this world? There is not a single person around me that I can worry about, with […]

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Age : 28

I loathe myself

While I can’t stand walking, talking, drinking tea, eating, the obligation to live in the same house has ended me. Moreover, while I don’t even […]

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Age : 28

George Orwell – The worst crime in the world

George Orwell, “The worst crime in the world; It is to kill people’s joy and hope for life. ” said. This phrase describes exactly my […]

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Age : 27

The Freckled Girl

A husband unemployed for 1 year, a new baby at the age of 2.5, financial difficulties, time spent constantly thinking about what will happen. I […]

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Age : 32

POOR (continued)

I have winter boots that I have worn for 5-6 years. Now torn and old. Possible to repair. My socks are the color of boots […]

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Age : 28

somewhere but where

I am 20 years old with high-heeled shoes, boots, boots, fur coats, mini mini bags and go to university and I am 30 years old […]

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Age : 43

Oh my head

We are completely different people .. I did not mind TV and match colic at the end of my 20s, why I have come to […]

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Age : 39

Unhappy and unhappy

He said I want to be happy. I said too. But he said it is not possible when we are together. I said I think. […]

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Age : 41

I am the grumpy of the house

Children have become a hundred eyes as much as self-talented, the endless cycle of mother-mother-mother is over, they are now grown up and their mother […]

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Age : 40


Children are overwhelmed at home and sometimes very challenging. When I get angry with them, there is something that brakes me. What if my daughter […]

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